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Pick Your Scripture II: Approximately 300 Bible Verses on Faith, Miracles … – Jk Woodall Ministries – Google Books Pick Your Scripture II Approximately 300 bible verses on Faith, Miracles, and the Power of Prayer, at your fingertips. http://www.jkwoodallministries.com

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Morning Devotionals are available for you to Hear the Word as you start your day.  www.jkwoodallminstries.com ‎JK Woodall Ministries Podcast on Apple Podcasts

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Jkwoodallministries Radio – Internet Radio Jkwoodallministries Radio – Internet Radio #jkwoodallministries Online Radio Station provides Gospels Music for you to Worship with God anytime and anywhere. http://www.jkwoodallministries.com

Morning Devotionals Episode 27

 Good morning. Welcome to daily devotionals with JK Woodall Ministries. Some of us in our lives get distraught… Life events happen, we get affected, and hoping that we don’t lose faith. But it may seem as if it’s hard to hold on.  It may seem as if You don’t have enough strength.  God is hereContinue reading “Morning Devotionals Episode 27”