Morning Devotionals (All Things are Possible!)

Good morning. It’s time for our Daily Devotional this morning with JK Woodall Ministries. And you know, God is already moving. He’s already. God has a Word for you to meditate on. This word this morning is going to be, so powerful. 

Please get your Bibles and let’s go to Matthew 19:26. That’s Matthew 19:26. But Jesus looked at them and said with man, this is impossible, but With God all things are possible. Amen…

Let’s take a second to observe and look at what Jesus told everyone… man, this is impossible but With God all things are possible. (Amen) Many times in our life’s we forget or sometimes just lose sight of the possibilities. 

The Creator has given you the Word that all things are possible with every year that you’re trying to overcome, (whatever situation) remember it is possible. So if we apply the Word to ourselves this morning, all things are possible. If you find yourself, (especially in this new COVID situation) a job may closes its doors. You may have reduced hours at work. The family is staying home together more, kids are stuck in the home and families are not necessarily getting along… Remember – all things are possible. You’ve been praying for something and God gave you a message this morning… All things are Possible. Let’s go ahead and pray this morning… King of Kings, Creator of the Universe, My Way Maker; we know… That, all things are possible. We thank you, for your Word this morning God. Thank you for blessing us this morning.  Thank you for letting us know that the possibilities are available and the doors are open. There are no more gates holding us back, the possibilities in you are Limitless and the possibilities that you gave to us and our families are Limitless. 

No sickness, No financial situation, No mountain… can come against your Possibilities. 

These and all things we Pray in the Mighty name of Jesus Amen and Amen… 

Stay in the presence of God and just God speak to you… Remember All Things are Possible!

From JK Woodall Ministries we have  to end our blog and podcast at this time, but we want you to know that, God is Limitless. He is able and Your prayers release the possibilities.  God bless you. 

Have a blessed day… You Have the Power.

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