Morning Devotional Podcast Transcript from 7/25/2020

Good morning. It’s time for daily Devotional you are welcomed. This is JK Woodall Ministries. God has a special Word for us today. He wants us to hear what he has to say. These morning Devotionals are special times when we take those moments, maybe 5-10 minutes in the morning and speak to our Lord; and He speaks back to us. So this morning grab your Bibles and turn to the 23rd psalm.

Verse 1 down in verse 3, I have a feeling something powerful is about to happen. I’m in the King James version today, but as we always say whatever version you have just open your Bible. The 23rd Psalm, starting at verse 1. Psalms 23 The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want He maketh me to lie down in Green Pastures. He leads me beside the Still Waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in the past of righteousness for his namesake. 


Something special is going on when you hear that from our Lord. He is our Shepherd. So he’s guiding us. He is also protecting us.

And the Lord is so special, He leads us past Still Waters. That implies there are Waters that may be turbulent. There are some Waters that may be stirred up. There are some Waters that could be activated and just roaring. But our God is so loving, so kind, He leads us past Still Waters.

Sheep don’t drink near stirred up water because if the Sheep gets wet or water soaked it could get too heavy and fall into the water;  possibly drown. The Lord is so special to us because He has already saved us and guided us by the still calm Waters. He leads you and I next to drinkable Living water… He is pouring his Living Water  into us right now. 

Then He leads us on the path of righteousness? Not for our sake for foe His Name sake.  The Lord’s Word Stands true today, yesterday, and forever. Let’s pray… Heavenly Father, King of glory, We come to you once again, and we say Thank You. Father, you are so special to us. You are so kind to me and your mercy is so abundant. We thank you for that Heavenly Father. Your word has spoken to us and we thank you for your guidance. We thank you for that leadership from a Father. We thank you for leading us past and beside Still Waters. Oh, Heavenly Father, you are so special to us. You’re so kind… We thank you for remembering us this morning. And Lord most of all continue to speak to us, throughout the day and in the name of Jesus… Amen. 

Just stay there for a few more moments… and allow the Lord to continue to talk to you. These are special quiet times when the Lord’s Word is so active. 

As we get ready to close out our blog and Podcast;  we want to say continue to stay safe. Stay blessed and remember here from JK Woodall Ministries. You have the power!

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